Napco National Global Sustainability Initiatives

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Today, our society is under immense pressure to support an increasing number of young people and the population, and to find renewable solutions to sustain limited resources. As a signatory member of UN Global Compact (a global sustainability initiative that aims to unify strategies and operations of organizations around the world), we are pleased to present Napco National’s first Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)-Reference report, which is updated annually to inform you of the most important steps and initiatives we are taking to preserve a secure and sustainable future for all.


Serious and responsible commitment to the community has been an integral part of Napco National’s story, and it has been fundamental as we grew based on it together with our suppliers, customers, and communities in Saudi Arabia and the rest of GCC area, which we have proudly served for the past 60 years. As a leading company in the industry sector, we have recently taken serious steps to preserve the environment by focusing on sustainable raw materials and a circular economy where we collect, recycle, and regenerate waste into new products.


Our sustainability program which was developed in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will engage key stakeholders, as well as improve impact metrics and collect data by finalizing data automation before 2020 for accuracy and comparability. This will pave the way to develop “Napco National’s 2025 Sustainability Pledge” which will raise the value of our business and add value to all stakeholders.


This is a valuable journey that we embark on together. Therefore, I call on the entire Napco National family to work together to support and empower our company to achieve the goals of our sustainability program.


Mounir Frem
CEO, Napco National